Bobby is a highly respected and sought after arranger and composer of music to add texture, depth and richness to musical recordings and live performances. 

Using the latest software tools available, coupled with his prodigious musical skill and experience, Bobby is capable of producing high-quality charts and lead sheets often in a day's time. Full orchestrations and original compositions will, of course, take a bit longer! 

Bobby is a seasoned collaborator who enjoys working on every type of project - from the simplest song transposition to complex orchestrations for film and narrative. Being extremely well-versed in all music genres from classical to jazz to rock, he brings creative and technically sound musical ideas to even the most avant-garde project. 

Here are some of the arranging and composing services he provides every day: 

  • Film and Television Score Composition and Arrangement 
  • Commissioned Composition 
  • Music Transcription 
  • Music Transposing 
  • Music Arrangements (from solo piano to a full Big Band or symphonic orchestration) 
  • Leadsheet Preparation