Bobby has been working as a studio producer and music director for more than 30 years. He has extensive experience in arranging music for, playing in, and directing recording sessions. Bobby has played or directed record album sessions, jingle dates and movie and TV soundtrack sessions, in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago studios. 

Bobby brings his unique mix of musical expertise and technical savvy to every studio collaboration. He guides the process through these key phases: 

  • Articulating the vision and desired sound of an album with the artist
  • Communicating that vision to the players and engineers
  • Planning the session

And while in session, 

  • Fine-tuning the musical arrangements. 
  • Coaching the musical ensemble into the best playing. 
  • Clearly and calmly giving technical direction to the engineers. 

His attention to detail, musician advocacy and technical experience provide a relaxed professional atmosphere in which creativity thrives and great artistry is recorded - on time and on budget. 

Here are some of the Music Producer Services he provides every day: 

  • Vocal Coaching and Rehearsing 
  • Musical Director 
  • Record Producer 
  • Recording Session Management